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Utilize the power of ACUPUNCTURE to lose 20+ pounds in six weeks, eating REAL food, without exercise.

I'm Ready to Lose Weight Now!

Lose 20+ pounds
in six weeks!

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I’m ready to lose weight now!

The AcuPlus Weight Loss Program™–
Weight Loss like you NEVER imagined!

Sometimes life throws you for a loop, and before you now it, you are 50 pounds heavier. 

It doesn’t matter how you got here. Life happens.

  • The pandemic
  • Menopause
  • The stresses of life
  • Burning the candle at both ends
  • Too much wine

Many of us were a bit overweight before the pandemic. Then we gained 20+ more pounds.

  • We got out of the habit of exercising
  • We lived in leggings for a year and a half and now our jeans don’t fit
  • We have back fat and belly rolls
  • Our boobs are popping out of our bras
  • We can’t zip up our favorite boots
  • And we have a closet FULL of clothes that don’t fit

It’s not just about looking good in our clothes. It’s also about feeling healthy. The extra fat we are carrying has led to a toxic load of inflammation. 

  • Aching joints, headaches, chronic pain
  • Overwhelm, irritability, brain fog, depression
  • Exhaustion, night sweats, insomnia
  • Skin Rashes, allergies, constipation, acid reflux
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You got tripped up by life...

It’s okay.
Forgive yourself.
Life happens.
It’s what you do NEXT that really matters.

We can turn this problem around in six weeks.

Are you ready? 

The AcuPlus Weight Loss Program™–
Weight Loss Like you NEVER Imagined!